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Soule Mechanical was recommended to me by a friend. I called Jeff and he came out to my home and I told him that my natural gas forced air furnace was 22 years old and even though it worked just fine I thought one winter when I needed it the most it surely would die, so I thought I would upgrade to a heat pump (hearing that’s the way to go to save energy costs).

Jeff being a consumer himself, explained that a heat pump with natural gas furnace as a backup ( secondary) would have the best of both worlds, cutting my energy bills by a lot. I chose this option since I would be retiring in a few years and energy bills would be a problem on retirement income, but I was also concerned about the cost of the heating upgrade. Note: I had a previous bid from a local recommendable company and it was a salesman that showed up, not the people doing the work and the salesman’s bid put me into cardiac arrest! With Soule Mechanical, Jeff is the guy doing the actual work and biding the hvac system. I chose Soule Mechanical to do the work, saving me hundreds of $$$! The professionalism of the install was just what I was after saving me $$$. My utility bills were as Jeff said ‘way less’!!

I would highly recommend Jeff Soule to any one if they are looking for a new hvac system on their home.

John Centanni

If there’s a heating duct Michelangelo, it’s Jeff Soule. His duct work was exacting, under some truly awful circumstances including a crawl space that hadn’t been utilized or cleaned in years. In a very dirty work space, his heating duct work was clean, well installed, and enabled my wife and I to cut our heating bills by three quarters. Months later, when we had the house insulated the insulation installers marveled at the duct work and the manner in which the furnaces were installed.

After installation was complete, on his own time Jeff came back and checked with us to make sure everything was satisfactory.

I would highly recommend Soule Mechanical to anyone and everyone requiring new heating ducts. Jeff and Soule Mechanical took a very hard job, two very concerned homeowners and made it work.

Tracey & Steven Samuels Mercer Island, WA

In April 2012 we hired Soule Mechanical to install our heating & air conditioning system in our Montana home. After Jeff went through our home with us, and seeing what our needs were, he suggested a 3-ton heat pump system with a strip heat back-up unit (for our cold Montana winters). We agreed and within a week, he and his worker’s had the hvac system all installed and up and running. It was as if they were never in our home. They were quick, efficient and clean!

Strip Heat - EurekaWe cannot say enough good things about them. They were extremely professional and courteous! If we have any questions, Jeff is quick to respond with the answer. We would highly recommend Soule Mechanical to anyone looking to put in a new heat pump or upgrade an existing furnace. These guys know what they are doing!

Barry & Sandy CakeEureka, Montana

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