Hot Water Heater Repair

Hot water is one of the wonders of civilization. When you go to wash your hands, dishes, or clothes, you take abundant your hot water heater for granted. When our hot water heater needs repair, we can help. Soule Mechanical water heater services include repair, installation and regular check-ups. We can service and maintain any size electric, natural gas, or propane hot water heater whether it is a traditional tank-style or a tankless “on-demand” system.

Hot water heaters are equipped with a safety device called a pressure release valve. If the pressure inside the water tank rises beyond a safe level, the valve opens to release the pressure. If the valve fails to work correctly, the hot water tank could explode.

The hot water tank also contains a component called an anode rod which helps prevent metal corrosion inside the tank. Anode rods are actually consumed as a normal part of the water heater’s operation and need to be replaced regularly.

Sediment can build up inside a water heater reducing its efficiency and possibly clogging the water pipes inside your walls. Removing sediment by flushing out the tank is an important part of maintaining a water heater.

Soule Mechanical can keep your water heating operating safely and efficiently. Please call us for hot water heater repair or installation services on your hot water tank or tankless water heater.