Furnace or Heat Pump Heating

If your furnace is over 12 years old and your heating bills seem to be getting higher every month, then it might be time for a new heating system for your home. Working within your budget, we can design and install the most appropriately sized and energy efficient heating system for you home and your needs.

Furnace Installation

A modern, efficient forced-air furnace will keep you comfortably warm economically. We have decades of experience with furnace installations. Whether your energy comes from natural gas, propane, or electricity, we can recommend, specify, and install the right heating system for you.

We work hard to stay current on trends and technology in our industry. We can safely remove your old furnace, replace it with a new energy-efficient system, and connect it to your existing infrastructure.

Custom Heating Ducts FabricationWith our mobile metal fabrication truck, we can manufacture any size duct needed to transition the new furnace to your existing system, without leaving the job site. That means we can provide a faster, more efficient, and less complicated installation. We’ll get your new furnace installed and working efficiently in less time.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are extremely energy efficient and can reduce heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 to 40 percent. Installing a heat pump to an existing furnace system can save you money. A heat pump uses refrigerant to move heat from one location to another. Even when it is cold outside, there is still some heat in the atmosphere. A heat pump captures this heat and brings it inside your home. Adding a heat pump to an existing furnace makes the system more efficient.

H4A3-H4H3_comml-1We can even install a heat pump that will add air conditioning to your home. In the hotter summer months, the heat pump will move heat from inside your home and transfer it to the outdoors. Heat pumps provide very efficient heating and cooling while maintaining the highest level of efficiency and comfort.

Correctly sizing a new heat pump to an existing furnace requires careful consideration and experience. Soule Mechanical has been doing this for many years and will make sure your new heat pump works perfectly with your current furnace.
With the added convenience of our mobile metal fabrication truck, we can build the required duct transitions from the heat pump to your existing furnace system without ever leaving your home. Providing this faster installation service is something that many companies can’t offer because they need to go back to their shop to manufacture.